Nature 3D Models

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Acacia 3D Model
Acacia 3D Model
Acacia [Textured]
Acacia Tree 3D Model
Acacia Tree [Textured]
Acer Palmatum 3D Model
Acer Palmatum
Achelousaurus 3D Model
Achelousaurus 3D Model
Achelousaurus [Textured]
Acrocanthosaurus CAD 3D Model
Acrocanthosaurus [CAD]
African Rose Beetle 3D Model
African Rose Beetle
Agapanthus 3D Model
Agave Americana Marginata 3D Model
Agave Americana Marginata
Albero 3D Model
Albicia 3D Model
Alligator Gar (Atractosteus Spatula) 3D Model
Alligator Gar (Atractosteus Spatula)
Alligator Turtle (Macrochelys Temminckii) 3D Model
Alligator Turtle (Macrochelys Temminckii)
Allosaurus Fragilis Skull 3D Model
Allosaurus Fragilis Skull
Allosaurus Skeleton 3D Model
Allosaurus Skeleton
Aloe Plant in a Pot 3D Model
Aloe Plant in a Pot
Amago 3D Model
Amago [Textured]
Amanita Phalloides: Death Cap Mushroom 3D Model
Amanita Phalloides: Death Cap Mushroom
Amblyrhyncotes 3D Model
Amblyrhyncotes [Textured]
Amblyrhyncotes 3D Model
Amemasu 3D Model
Amemasu [Textured]
Amemasu 3D Model
American Beech 3D Model
American Beech
American Mountain Ash 3D Model
American Mountain Ash
Angel 3D Model
Angel [Textured]
Angel Shark 3D Model
Angel Shark
Angler Fish 3D Model
Angler Fish
Angler Fish Angus CAD 3D Model
Angler Fish Angus [CAD]
Animals Collection 3D Model
Animals Collection
Ant 3D Model
Ant 3D Model
Ant CAD 3D Model
Ant [CAD]
Ant Black 3D Model
Ant Black
Apatosaurus 3D Model
Apatosaurus [Textured]
Apple Tree 3D Model
Apple Tree
Apricot Tree 3D Model
Apricot Tree
Aquilegia Bied 3D Model
Aquilegia Bied
Arbol Tree 3D Model
Arbol Tree
Arboli Tree 3D Model
Arboli Tree
Armdillo 3D Model
Arrui 3D Model
Arum Flower 3D Model
Arum Flower
Ash Tree 3D Model
Ash Tree
Asia Arowana 3D Model
Asia Arowana [Textured]
Asian Shore Crab 3D Model
Asian Shore Crab
Aspen Populus 3D Model
Aspen Populus
Astilbe Chinensis 3D Model
Astilbe Chinensis
Aucasaurus 3D Model
Aucasaurus [Textured]
Azalea Bush 3D Model
Azalea Bush
Bald Eagle 3D Model
Bald Eagle
Bamboa 3D Model
Bamboo 3D Model
Bamboo [Textured]
Bamboo 3D Model
Bamboo Cluster Small 3D Model
Bamboo Cluster Small
Bamboo Grove 3D Model
Bamboo Grove
Bamboo Plant 3D Model
Bamboo Plant
Bamboo Tree 3D Model
Bamboo Tree
Banana Plant 3D Model
Banana Plant
Bangor Crow 3D Model
Bangor Crow [Textured]
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Polygonal mesh file formats: Autodesk 3ds Max (.max), AutoCAD (.dxf), Maya (.ma), Wavefront Object (.obj), 3D Studio Binary (.3ds), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), 3D Studio ASCII (.asc), LightWave 3D (.lwo), VRML 2.0 (.wrl;), Microsoft DirectX ASCII (.x), StereoLithography ASCII (.stl), COLLADA (.dae), X3D (.x3d). Downloaded 3D Models can be imported into Softimage, Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo, Google Earth and other 3D software.

3D CAD Solid Objects file formats: STEP SOLID [AP214] (.step), IGES 5.3 NURBS (.iges). 3D CAD Solids can be imported into SolidWorks (.sldasm; .sldprt), Autodesk Inventor (.iam; .ipt), Pro/Engineer (.asm; .prt), SolidEdge, CATIA, ACIS and other CAD/CAM/CAE packages. 3D CAD models can be downloaded as polygonal 3D meshes also.