Free account: Using a free account you can download all free 3D models. To download non-free 3D models you need to upload your 3D models or buy a non-free account. You'll be able to download one 3D model per each download of your uploaded 3D model by other user. The registration is timeless. You can download 3D models at any time after registration.

Non-free accounts: Paid accounts allow you to download 3D models right now and without uploading. The number of 3D models to download depends on the chosen account. For example, the 'Box' account allow you to download 5 (five) 3D models, the 'Sphere' account - 10 (ten) 3D models and so on. To download more 3D models in the future you can always upgrade or renew your current account.

Some 3D models can be downloaded using a specific non-free account minimum. Required account displayed on 3D model preview page. If 3D model requires a 'Sphere' account, as example, it can be downloaded using 'Sphere', 'Torus' or 'Hedra' account only, not a 'Box' account.

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Registration / Upgrade Price: US $00
US $150
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US $120
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3D models after Registration / Upgrade / Renewal: 0 5 10 20 40
Additional models per each uploaded and accepted model: 0 1 2 3 4
Additional models per each download of uploaded model: 1 1 1 1 1
Registration period: timeless (unlimited)
Available file formats for downloads (Polygonal models): .max; .obj; .3ds; .fbx; .lwo; .maya; .dxf; .dae; .stl; .wrl; .x
Available file formats for downloads (CAD Solids): .step; .iges (+all polygonal formats)
Acceptable file formats as uploads: .max; .3ds; .iob; .lwo; .obj; .x; .wrl; .vrml;
.iges; .step; .iam; .ipt; .sldasm; .sldprt; .asm; .prt
Uploaded 3D model review time: up to 1 month
E-Mail customer support: 365/24/7 365/24/7 (Priority)
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If any registration and payment questions, please Contact Us. To test file format compatibility with your 3D modeling software you can download Free 3D Models in all available file formats.