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Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer 3D Model
Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer
Battle Ship 3D Model
Battle Ship
Battle Ship 3D Model
Battle Ship
Battleship Bismarck 3D Model
Battleship Bismarck
Battleship Tirpitz 3D Model
Battleship Tirpitz
Blucher 3D Model
Casemate Battleship 3D Model
Casemate Battleship
Cigar Ship Ross Winans 3D Model
Cigar Ship Ross Winans
Confederate Ram Virginia 3D Model
Confederate Ram Virginia
Demora Military Ship 3D Model
Demora Military Ship
Dreadnouth Battleship 3D Model
Dreadnouth Battleship
DTMB 5415 Model Naval Combatant CAD 3D Model
DTMB 5415 Model Naval Combatant [CAD]
H-class Battleship 3D Model
H-class Battleship
HMS Nelson 3D Model
HMS Nelson [Textured]
HMS Surprise 3D Model
HMS Surprise
HMS Temeraire 3D Model
HMS Temeraire
Iowa Battleship 3D Model
Iowa Battleship
Iowa-class Battleship 3D Model
Iowa-class Battleship
Kearsarge class Battleship 3D Model
Kearsarge class Battleship [Textured]
King George V 3D Model
King George V
Kirov Russian Kreiser 3D Model
Kirov Russian Kreiser [Textured]
La Creole Hull 3D Model
La Creole Hull
Lockheed Sea Shadow 3D Model
Lockheed Sea Shadow
Military Fast Attack Boat 3D Model
Military Fast Attack Boat
Moniya Tarantul 3D Model
Moniya Tarantul
Musashi Battleship 3D Model
Musashi Battleship
New Jersey BB 62 (83) 3D Model
New Jersey BB 62 (83)
River Monitor Russian 3D Model
River Monitor Russian
Sagittario Ship 3D Model
Sagittario Ship
Scharnhorst-class Battleship 3D Model
Scharnhorst-class Battleship
Shinano Aircraft Carrier 3D Model
Shinano Aircraft Carrier [Textured]
SMS Grosser Kurfurst 3D Model
SMS Grosser Kurfurst
Soleil Royal 3D Model
Soleil Royal
Steregushchiy Battle Ship 3D Model
Steregushchiy Battle Ship
Survey Vessel 3D Model
Survey Vessel
Survey Vessel T-AGS 60 Class 3D Model
Survey Vessel T-AGS 60 Class
US Ironclad Monitor 3D Model
US Ironclad Monitor
US Monitor 3D Model
US Monitor
USS Montana 3D Model
USS Montana
USS Nevada (BB-36) 3D Model
USS Nevada (BB-36)
USS New Jersey 3D Model
USS New Jersey
Valley Forge Ticonderoga Class 3D Model
Valley Forge Ticonderoga Class
Venetto Ship 3D Model
Venetto Ship
Yamato Battleship 3D Model
Yamato Battleship
Yamato Battleship 3D Model
Yamato Battleship [Textured]
YTT Torpedo Recovery Ship 3D Model
YTT Torpedo Recovery Ship
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Polygonal mesh file formats: Autodesk 3ds Max (.max), AutoCAD (.dxf), Maya (.ma), Wavefront Object (.obj), 3D Studio Binary (.3ds), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), 3D Studio ASCII (.asc), LightWave 3D (.lwo), VRML 2.0 (.wrl;), Microsoft DirectX ASCII (.x), StereoLithography ASCII (.stl), COLLADA (.dae), X3D (.x3d). Downloaded 3D Models can be imported into Softimage, Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo, Google Earth and other 3D software.

3D CAD Solid Objects file formats: STEP SOLID [AP214] (.step), IGES 5.3 NURBS (.iges). 3D CAD Solids can be imported into SolidWorks (.sldasm; .sldprt), Autodesk Inventor (.iam; .ipt), Pro/Engineer (.asm; .prt), SolidEdge, CATIA, ACIS and other CAD/CAM/CAE packages. 3D CAD models can be downloaded as polygonal 3D meshes also.