Seattle City USA 2013 3D Model
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Seattle City (USA) (2013) 3D Model
Seattle City (USA) (2013) 3D Model for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Softimage, Blender and other 3D modeling and animation software.
Updated 14 March 2013: This 3D model in projected spatial NAD83 UTM zone 10N planar Cartesian metric coordinates centered on XY-plane with Z-axis points up. Centering on XY-plane is required for correct rendering to prevent z-buffer floating point precision inaccuracy for every camera angle, zoom and position.
To get true North American Datum 1983 Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 10N SRID 26910 coordinate reference system based on the WGS84 datum for calculations, if needed, simply 2D transform every vertex X coordinate by 550143,507359624 and every vertex Y coordinate by 5273541,49718247.
All vertices in 64-bit double-precision floating-point format with correct DEM for ground elevation data and with correct buildings heights and positions.
Entire scene bounds (in GPS coordinates):
Top-Left corner (-122,3876953125 / 47,5691137586671),
Bottom-Right corner (-122,288818359375 / 47,6431861054366).
0.3 meters per pixel ground textures resolution.
.OBJ is native file format for this 3D model.
For any questions about this 3D model please contact me directly at
Includes: Qwest Field, Kobe Terrace Park, Amtrak-Seattle, Pioneer Square, Smith Tower, Harborview Park, Harborview Medical Center, Bank of America Tower, Seattle Aquarium, Waterfront Park, Art Museum, Benaroya Hall, Washington Mutual Tower, Rainier Square, Sity Sentre, Two Union Square, Victor Steinbrueck Park, Pike Place Market, Moore Theatre, Macy`s, Westlake Center, Nordstrom, Pacific Place, Westin-Seattle, Paramount Theatre, Freeway Park, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Inn at Virginia Mason, Pacific Science Center, Space Needle, The Children`s Museum, Experience Music Project, Olympic Sculpture Park and more.
This 3D object can be downloaded in .max, .obj, .3ds, .fbx, .dxf, .lwo, .kmz, .lxo, .stl, .wrl, .ma, .xsi, .dae, .iv, .pov, .x and .asc file formats.
city, cities, buildings, country, usa, united, stated, seattle, wa, cityscape, landscape, downtown, skyscraper, highrise, washington, america, map, block, modular, metropolitan, metropolis, urban, architecture, house, home, scene, street, skyline, structure, tower
Uploaded by Andrew Lock at 26 November 2008 into Architecture - 3D Cities / Cityscapes 3D Models.
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