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Getac X500 Laptop 3D Model
Getac X500 Laptop
Chevrolet Cruze Sedan (2015) 3D Model
Chevrolet Cruze Sedan (2015) [Textured] Top!
Mazda 3 Sedan (2014) 3D Model
Mazda 3 Sedan (2014) Top!
Nissan Maxima (2016) 3D Model
Nissan Maxima (2016) Top!
Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 TFSI (2015) 3D Model
Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 TFSI (2015)
Hermes Spacecraft 3D Model
Hermes Spacecraft [Textured]
Volkswagen Golf R Variant (2015) 3D Model
Volkswagen Golf R Variant (2015) [Textured] Top!
Mercedes-Benz E300 CGI Avantgarde (2010) 3D Model
Mercedes-Benz E300 CGI Avantgarde (2010)
Bosch Electric Kettle 3D Model
Bosch Electric Kettle
Stapler 3D Model
Desk Lamp 3D Model
Desk Lamp
Kenworth Palfinger 3D Model
Kenworth Palfinger
LED Recessed Ceiling Fixture 3D Model
LED Recessed Ceiling Fixture
Audi A3 Cabriolet (2017) 3D Model
Audi A3 Cabriolet (2017) Top!
Crane 3D Model
Sailboat 3D Model
Chevrolet Tahoe (2007) 3D Model
Chevrolet Tahoe (2007)
Kenworth Truck 3D Model
Kenworth Truck
Audi A1 Sportback 3D Model
Audi A1 Sportback Top!
Mercedes-AMG GT R (2017) 3D Model
Mercedes-AMG GT R (2017) Top!
Porsche 718 Boxster (2017) 3D Model
Porsche 718 Boxster (2017) [Textured]
Samsung TV Curved 3D Model
Samsung TV Curved [Textured]
Mazda Miata Suspension 3D Model
Mazda Miata Suspension Top!
Mech Battlemaster 3D Model
Mech Battlemaster
GMC Sierra Pickup (2016) 3D Model
GMC Sierra Pickup (2016) Top!
Ambulance 3D Model
BMW 7-Series G12 (2016) 3D Model
BMW 7-Series G12 (2016) [Textured] Top!
Audi S1 (2015) 3D Model
Audi S1 (2015) Top!
Ferrari FXX-K (2016) 3D Model
Ferrari FXX-K (2016) [Textured] Top!
Pool Table 3D Model
Pool Table
Bentley Continental GT3 (2014) 3D Model
Bentley Continental GT3 (2014) [Textured] Top!
Earphones 3D Model
Kia Cerato (2017) 3D Model
Kia Cerato (2017) Top!
Audi A3 Sedan (2017) 3D Model
Audi A3 Sedan (2017) Top!
Audi A3 Hatchback (2017) 3D Model
Audi A3 Hatchback (2017) Top!
FN SCAR L 3D Model
Vektor SP1 3D Model
Vektor SP1
Steyr AUG A1 3D Model
Steyr AUG A1
Beretta Px4 Storm 3D Model
Beretta Px4 Storm
Train 3D Model
Volvo XC90 (2017) 3D Model
Volvo XC90 (2017) Top!
Piranha Lav-25 3D Model
Piranha Lav-25
WD Caviar Black HDD CAD 3D Model
WD Caviar Black HDD [CAD]
Mitsubish Outlander Sport (2013) 3D Model
Mitsubish Outlander Sport (2013) [Textured] Top!
Lexus GX460 (2015) 3D Model
Lexus GX460 (2015) [Textured] Top!
Quadrocopter CAD 3D Model
Quadrocopter [CAD]
Hyundai HB20S 3D Model
Hyundai HB20S Top!
XBox 360 Game Console 3D Model
XBox 360 Game Console
Renault Fluence (2013) 3D Model
Renault Fluence (2013) [Textured] Top!
Lamborghini Urus 3D Model
Lamborghini Urus [Textured] Top!
GMC Sierra Extended Cab (1999) 3D Model
GMC Sierra Extended Cab (1999) [Textured] Top!
Mazda 6 Sedan (2016) 3D Model
Mazda 6 Sedan (2016) Top!
Fiat Panda Kit Car 3D Model
Fiat Panda Kit Car [Textured]
Audi S5 Coupe (2017) 3D Model
Audi S5 Coupe (2017) Top!
Audi S5 Sportback (2013) 3D Model
Audi S5 Sportback (2013) Top!
RMS Queen Mary 2 3D Model
RMS Queen Mary 2 [Textured]
Fiat Strada Adventure (2013) 3D Model
Fiat Strada Adventure (2013) Top!
Chevrolet Onix (2015) 3D Model
Chevrolet Onix (2015) Top!
Train Locomotive 3D Model
Train Locomotive
Ford Focus (2014) 3D Model
Ford Focus (2014) [Textured] Top!
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Polygonal mesh file formats: Autodesk 3ds Max (.max), AutoCAD (.dxf), Maya (.ma), Wavefront Object (.obj), 3D Studio Binary (.3ds), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), 3D Studio ASCII (.asc), LightWave 3D (.lwo), VRML 2.0 (.wrl;), Microsoft DirectX ASCII (.x), StereoLithography ASCII (.stl), COLLADA (.dae), X3D (.x3d). Downloaded 3D Models can be imported into Softimage, Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo, Google Earth and other 3D software.

3D CAD Solid Objects file formats: STEP SOLID [AP214] (.step), IGES 5.3 NURBS (.iges). 3D CAD Solids can be imported into SolidWorks (.sldasm; .sldprt), Autodesk Inventor (.iam; .ipt), Pro/Engineer (.asm; .prt), SolidEdge, CATIA, ACIS and other CAD/CAM/CAE packages. 3D CAD models can be downloaded as polygonal 3D meshes also.

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